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"A sound unlike anything on country radio right now"

Michael Stover, MTS music management.

Jim Levatte is a Canadian producer, and engineer.He plays all the instruments ,and handles all the vocals on his original songs. They are recorded at his studio in Westport,

 Ontario Canada.

Born and raised in small town Ontario Canada, Jim had taken to music at an early age. While all his friends played hockey, Jim decided music was his passion,and a guitar replaced his hockey stick. Smiths Falls was a railroad, and manufacturing town , so one had only to step outside, absorb their surroundings , and songs would literally write themselves. Jim wrote his first song at 9 years of age, and has since released 6 studio albums. His band was a staple on the local club scene for years, and due to a car accident in 2013, which forced Jim to walk away from his home construction business, his band has recently reformed.  " I truly believed my touring days were behind me".  With a half dozen shows under their belt, the band has regained its old form. Jim now spends most of his time in his studio, sifting through old tape. " I have over 50 hours of demo tape , with literally thousands of song ideas on them"'. The first single "This Aint My Day", has already garnered a buzz, and is getting a lot of industry attention. Stay tuned.

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